Creating a more vibrant community that provides equitable access to healthy, affordable, and nutritious foods to all Madison County residents.

Quick Facts:

  • Food Access
    • $35 million annual SNAP dollars in Madison County
    • 105 SNAP eligible stores, only 27 are grocery stores
    • 25% of our citizens have low access to food, including more than 6,500 children and 5,300 seniors
  • Economy
    • $313 million dollars spent on food annually in Madison County by 130,000 people
    • 1% shift to locally produced food would generate $3.13 million dollars for our local economy
  • Farms
    • 71% of the land in Madison County is farmed
    • 95% of that land is in commodity corn and soy production
    • <1% of that land is used for food crops

Call to Action:

  • $2.7 million stays in our local economy if every family spent $50 per year on locally produced foods (Ex: $5 per week over 10 weeks at a local farmers market)
  • Rethink your market channels! Everyone is a buyer. Think schools, workplaces, restaurants, grocers, and other institutions. Could just one item be sourced locally?
  • Participate! Everyone has skills. Consider participating with the Madison County Local Food Network or otherwise working or volunteering to make local food system changes this year.
  • Recruit. Bring your friends to the farmers’ market, introduce them to local producers, or otherwise engage them in working toward a more equitable local food system.
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