Community Gardens

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When visiting, please respect the guidelines of our local community gardens! Some have spaces that are open access to any visitors, but they may also have spaces tended by and for individual families. Be aware of signage and rules. If you have questions, contact the garden manager directly.

Sharing (green markers):
Anyone who visits may harvest produce. Please do your part by pulling a weed or two during your visit!

  1. Alexandria Church Street Community Garden
  2. Anderson Impact Center
    • Location: 630 Nichol Ave, Anderson, IN
    • Contact: Jerald White or Monique Flores
  3. Community Orchard
  4. Growing Anderson @ Northview
  5. New Hope United Methodist Church Garden
    • Location: west side of Rev. J.T. Menifee St, between 14th and 15th St.
    • Contact: Rev. Ray Wilkins, 317-828-6172

Tenant & Sharing (yellow markers):
These gardens have areas for community sharing, as well as areas that are tended by individual gardeners for personal use. Please don’t take produce from someone else’s plot. Contact the garden manager if you would like to secure a personal plot for the season.

  1. Journey Community Garden
    • Tenant plots are free of charge
    • Location: 550 W. 37th St
    • Contact: Debbie Justison, 765-649-0136
  2. Park Place Community Center

Tenant (red markers):
Tenants take care of their own garden space and the food from that space is for their own use. These plots may or may not have a fee to rent. Please don’t take produce from someone else’s plot. Contact the garden manager if you would like to secure a plot for the season.

  1. Alexandria Community Garden – Broadway
    • Plots are free of charge
    • Location: W. Broadway St., Alexandria, IN – near railroad
    • Contact: Alan Erwin, 765-724-9234
  2. Anderson University Community Garden – Closed for 2020 season
    • Location: E. 5th St. on AU campus, near the soccer fields
    • Contact: Pam Farmen, 765-278-2285
  3. Elwood Community Garden
    • 12 plots available; application available here
    • Location: 613 S. Anderson St., Elwood, IN
    • Contact: Jackie Lane, 765-552-1557
  4. Pendleton Community Garden
    • Plot tenants help also tend Read’n’Feed garden areas as their rental “fee”
    • Location: Pendleton Community Public Library
    • Contact: Jennifer Hughes, 765-778-7527
  5. St. John Lutheran Garden
    • Location: South side of Elwood
    • Contact: Kay Marcuson, 765-552-3637

This is a directory list of community gardens in Madison County, Indiana that are open to the public. Some community gardens are meant for access specifically by members of certain organizations, or only for specific community uses (schools, food pantries, non-profits, etc); these are not included on this list. If you manage any type of community garden and would like to join our network of garden managers, answer this survey.

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