The Madison County Local Food Network was established in 2019 by a group of residents concerned with food access in Madison County, Indiana. MCLFN is a collaborative effort to address broad food system issues within our county. The initial working groups established included consumer education, community gardens, food insecurity, food waste, and food entrepreneurship.

Mission: To create a more vibrant community the provide equitable access to affordable and nutritious foods to all Madison County residents.

MCLFN seeks to achieve this mission through these strategies:

  1. Promote and provide information and education regarding local foods
  2. Advocate for and advise on policies and best practices that strengthen quality and equity in our local food system
  3. Develop collaborative partnerships and relationships among all food system sectors

MCLFN will work to develop a local food system that provides:

  1. Access for all people
  2. Respect for all people
  3. Healthy food choices
  4. Empowerment to stakeholders

2022 Board of Directors

Sharon Fleck, chairperson
Leona Coburn, vice chairperson
Anna Ulam, treasurer
Danielle Scott, secretary
Christine Davies
Langa Floyd
Ruthie Smith
Mattie Walsh

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